With great pleasure the burntbunch Team is opening up our Ansible Roles Catalogue. The current List includes:

You can find all our Roles in this space: https://git.burntbunch.org/Ansible

Monica CRM

Monica is a personal CRM tool that is free and open source. We at Burntbunch use it to better manage shared contacts and agreements with other people

Factorio Game Server

This Role is based on this Project to host your own Factorio Server. It is a very addicting Game but a lot of fun with some People and a great modding community


I wrote about drone.io previously. It is one of the more interesting CI/CD Tools that are container native


Kanboard (as the name suggests) is a simple task and project management software. Of cause it is not as mighty as Atlassians Jira but it is free and open source as well as rather tiny in comparison


I think i don't have to talk about docker but we chose to include this role to the list to better manage dependencies within our roles


There are multiple reasons to not run your own mailserver but as E-Mail is so deeply integrated within nearly every software there might be the need to do it anyway. Thank God that there is a Project like this that reduces the pain


Sonartype Nexus is a rather generic artefact repository that includes a lot of functionality in its open source variant


There were some big news regarding Wireguard last year. It is a modern VPN solution that will hopefully be integrated in the Linux kernel within this year


Bitwarden is a more complex Password Manager than the good old KeePass. Bitwarden compares best to proprietary Software like 1Password or LastPass, but whatever you choose is better than to not use any Password Manager


Gitea is described by the authors as "A painless self-hosted Git service" and this describes it very good. It's small, it's simple and has a active community that delivers good and stable integration to a lot of other services


Ghost is the blogging software that you are reading this post on. While the provided Image is a little bit special it is one of the better blogging solution out there

Thanks to all Open Source

We hope to give something back with this to the Open Source world that we love and care about. Sharing the gathered knowledge leads us to a better understanding of the technologies that we use everyday and this is something we believe in